Italcarrelli propone molteplici soluzioni per l’acquisto, il noleggio e la manutenzione.

Short-term rental:

For those who need a machine for a short time, maybe a machine with special features. We assure a wide availability of means, which can be rented even for less than 24 hours.

Long-term rental:

For a minimum period of 12 months, we offer also the possibility of purchasing the rented machine at very advantageous prices.

Full service rental:

This is the solution for those who do not want to worry about maintenance but want to have a fully efficient forklift at any time.

Warranty extension:

It is possible to extend the warranty on our products for several years. In this way, the only thing our customers have to worry about is of exploiting our machines most.

Programmed maintenance agreements:

We are able to offer programmed maintenance agreements on all machines.


We offer customized leasing solutions meeting the needs of our customers. We avail ourselves of conventions entered into with primary companies aiming at achieving the most advantageous and exclusive possible conditions.


Thanks to our agreements with bank institutions and financing companies we can offer loans, even interest free loans, with repayment along a pluriannual period.