Radio Controlled

Self-propelled platforms are transport machines with load capacities ranging from 10 to 500 tons and more. These machines are used in many industrial sectors such as metallurgy, heavy carpentry, the marine and aviation industry, special constructions, electric transformers, composite materials, etc.

Radio-controlled platforms are particularly suitable for applications where it is necessary to transport special materials and particularly in narrow areas where the operator must constantly monitor the movement of the vehicle from different angles.
The size of the platform can be customized according to the size and features of the material to be transported.
They can be equipped with lifting system if the material to be transported is positioned on suitable bases or trestles (upon request we can provide the design of bases and trestles).

These platforms are battery-powered or equipped with a diesel or gas engine.
Finally, these machines can be equipped with wheels suitable for any type of flooring in order to operate both indoor and outdoor, and with axes compensation systems flooring featuring holes.

Optional devices are also available including lights, ultrasound sensors to automatically slow down the forklift truck in the presence of obstacles, special blocking equipment, sensors for the optical or inductive driving, etc.